But The Government Wins Because We’ve Given In

At the moment, the sixth most read story is about a man who cut his penis off in a restaurant. A Zizzi’s if you must know. They had to use CS gas and everything. Surgeons managed to reattach it though so that’s good. It happened in 2007.

But I digress,

I’d like to express solidarity with the strikers yesterday. While I much prefer working to rule as an industrial action method, this is the chosen method and I support it. I’m glad to see Ed Miliband supported it too, by implying that holding a strike was a failure. After his cutting of union ties, his decision to abstain over the Bedroom Tax and his pledge to keep Ian Duncan Smith’s ideological welfare cuts, I’m certainly glad to know which side he’s on. I’m less glad to realise what his actions are probably going to allow next year.

It’s reasonable to say however that there is some serious discontent in the public sector (and the private sector for that matter) over many issues. As well there might be too as working in the public sector is not the golden egged desk sleep that many people would have you believe. Among the myths are the pension, which is no more competitive that the salary of a large private company, the increments which did used to be automatic but are now based on performance and are dwarfed by bonuses paid by large private company and the yearly pay rises which have now stopped and aren’t going to happen again till at least 2018 when our national deficit, whatever that might actually mean, is paid off. The fact this deficit is getting bigger even with all these “savings” doesn’t seem to have occurred to anyone but let’s gloss over that.

Wasn’t that money all made up anyway? None of it ever existed. It was never paid into bank accounts in actual currency. There isn’t enough printed currency in the world to cover it. We have less actual currency now though although it’s easier to remove it from people who have no choice but to spend it.

But I digress again,

The Tory response to mass discontent is predicable. Grant Shapps cropped up. He may as well have said that because you’ve been taken out of the tax bracket, you’re better off, so go screw yourself. All around the world, Neoliberals celebrated. Cameron then shapped on the collective floor by promising to tighten the Union ballet laws while claiming a low turnout meant a strike should be illegal. This might sound odd from a man who has an alleged mandate to govern a country despite only polling 36% of the electorate that actually voted and only 26% of the potential electorate. 35% of people didn’t vote at all. I guess the same rules would make this Government illegal?

I don’t know what the problem is anyway. All the Unions did was form a coalition. It seemed a popular idea and as we all know, forming a coalition gives you the mandate that you seek.

Nick Clegg may have commented but I’m guessing whatever he said was a lie. I think Cable might be trying to lead the Lib Dem “opposition” to the plan but his stock has fallen quite a lot since he sold Royal Mail for some stamp sized magic beans and some assurances written on paper that disintegrated when the whiskey spilled over it from the trebles they all clinked together.

It is all very 80’s which isn’t a massive surprise given the regurgitated 80’s we currently inhabit. The difference is that in the 80’s they were creating the ideology. Now it’s been created, it can be applied much wider leading to the ideological attacks we have now. We also used to have an opposition but that doesn’t happen anymore. It’s OINO, or Opposition in Name Only. It’s really hard to fight back when your “allies” are helping to load the mortars.

There are the Greens but you probably haven’t heard much about them because they aren’t New Age Blackshirts. Plus having 1 woman take on 620 hypocritical mannequins (it would be 622 but Dennis Skinner and Tom Watson still exist) isn’t exactly an easy task, especially when she gets arrested for her beliefs. Lately it seems only Child Abuse will separate MP’s and only 150 of them want that to be looked at which is pretty telling. I’m surprised Cameron caved in so quickly

But I digress, yet again, and that’s the point with this strike.

All parties are trying to distract us from the issue by trying to boil down a huge issue that affects all workers, public and private to peripheral issues that suit them. They will then issue their analysis via a whipping and suddenly, main party Parroticians are spouting a very thin rhetoric which inevitably ends with turning against the unions and no one actually discussing the very real problems that see wages so low that millions are claiming benefits whilst they’re still working! What kind of ridiculous situation is that?

Industrial action isn’t something you just do at the drop of a hat. It takes time to get to that point.

I saw reference to Union Scum earlier. When we’ve got no unions and we’re working 80 hour weeks with minimal holidays and no sickness or maternity rights, or sat at home on zero hours contracts hoping that our boss will chuck a couple of hours our way as we wonder how many different ways we can flavour rice with different consistencies of Oxo, just think about that insult. Maybe we’ll be queuing outside call centres tipping our hats to the inner circle.

We all really do need to stick together. We shouldn’t digress.

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